Can you imagine how easy it is to decide the best option of packaging design?

We have added the latest technology to our creativity and know-how in packaging design with virtual prototypes so you can save time and money in your packaging projects.

The virtual prototypes facilitate the decision making since they allow to see the design of the packaging in photographic quality from the first sketch.

We are looking forward to show you how your packagings are in a virtual prototype of photographic quality. How easy and fast it is to make changes, and the peace of mind to send the files to production with the assurance that there will be no errors.

This process allows us to create innovative designs and visualize different simulations with all types of finishes. Next we see if the design conforms to the shape of the container, even with flexible bags and sleevers.

Thanks to the fact that we use real parameters for the production of virtual prototypes, we reduce the probability of errors in the final production process of the packaging.

These are the most important advantages offered by designing packaging with virtual prototypes:

  • Easily explore more alternatives in the creative process.
  • It facilitates the decision making of the design thanks to the photographic quality of the virtual prototypes.
  • Streamlines teamwork 3D PDFs can be sent by email so that the departments involved can see the result without having to travel.
  • Saving time and money in the realization of corporeal prototypes.Virtual prototypes allow changes to be made in a matter of hours and see the evolution of packaging in photographic quality.
  • “What you see is what you get” We reduce the probability of errors when using real production parameters. (The virtual prototype reflects the final result of the production).
  • It is not necessary to make a photographic session of the packaging for the communication materials. You can obtain “pictures” of the packaging before starting production.

If you are still hesitating, you can request a 3D PDF of “your packaging” so you can give it some “turns”.

Yes, you can go around in all directions, you can also expand and reduce …

Deciding on packaging design has never been so easy.

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