Beyond the Newsletter

The majority of companies allocate a huge amount of their marketing budget in attracting new clients and consumers. However, not everyone has an optimized system to manage the obtained data or a method on how to nurture them with relevant information at the right moment.

In order to to increase ROI on your leads you can implement Automated Marketing Flows by using several tools in a combined way so it’s possible to personalize the user experience to the fullest. I’ll describe some here:

OTM aka One To Many, allows you to import / export data from inventories, orders, margins, offline purchases, etc. via integration with your e-commence, CRM, ERP and / or PIM system.
With OTM you can manage unstructured data such as products, transactions, prices, costs, shipments, physical stores vs. online sales along with user behavior.

Segmentation: With the data incorporated via OTM you can create very interesting segmentations based on frequency of purchase (or lack thereof), people who tend to buy more items on offer vs. standard price, average basket value, LTV, customer value, etc.

Tracking: Implementing a script on your website you can follow up and better understand the behavior of your users and that helps you communicate with them at crucial moments such as abandoned cart, check-out steps, product mapping and categories and events like Clic, Play and Download.

Leadscoring: Is a functionality that helps identify possible leads according to the interest they have in specific products or content offered.
A cumulative scoring system is created per user and they receive points for the actions they perform either on the website, the newsletter or in the online store. This is a great tool both for automatized online marketing campaigns but also for offline sales reps.

Marketing Automation Flows: This is where all the magic happens uniting data from different sources such as events, transactions and clicks into a personalized communication hub based on user behavior.

Flow-Builder: A Drag & Drop type system that allows you to automate communication flows easily without the need of special developers.

Surely, if you integrate these tools with your ecommerce feed or blog content and design specific templates for different groups, you will get good results.