In the year 2018, we founded the Nexa agency, fruit of the collaboration between the designer Vicenç Marco and the marketing consultant Kim Hartmann. After having worked together on different projects for 20 years, we saw the opportunity to join efforts and offer our integrated services to B2C and B2B companies in the areas of marketing, design, creativity and technology.

We are the yin and the yang, but we are united by the passion for communication and we share the idea of ​​developing innovative concepts and projects in a collaborative way so that ideas are generated with the widest possible vision taking into account creative, organizational,  technological, operational, logistical, financial and commercial aspects.

Within our work process we have incorporated technological solutions for the optimal development of our services. We have a VIRTUAL DESIGN WORK FLOW that provides flexibility, speed and savings from the start of the design phase, from market research until the end of production.
In the area of Digital Marketing we have an advanced Marketing Automation Enterprise Platform, but at the same time easy to use and easy to integrate with the usual computer systems of ecommerce, financial and cms of our clients.




M. Sc. Digital Marketing IEBS & B.Sc. International Marketing & Business Administration, Niels Brock Copenhagen Business School

I was born in Elsinore, Denmark. I studied marketing in Copenhagen, London, Paris and Bremen to get to know European cultures first hand. I have an adventurous spirit so I decided to try my luck in Spain after working a couple of years in the market research department for Danisco DuPont, Copenhagen.

I arrived in Madrid where I worked for 6 years in Wella, a German cosmetic company as Product Manager during the expansion of modern distribution in the 1990s.
From Madrid I went to Barcelona to work on the development of new products such as Color Llongueras and the American Crew brand and Revlon at an international level.
Since 2008 I have been a marketing consultant with emphasis on Digital Marketing, Branding and Advertising working for agencies and clients in the FMCG, Telco, Retail, ecommerce, Pharma and Health in Europe, USA and North Africa.

My passion is to innovate whether processes, products, services or brands to achieve healthy and sustainable growth. There is always the possibility of innovating, but respecting its original value. Do not change for the sake fo change but do it better based on strategy, differentiation and analysis of the key parameters: demand, competition, trends, human factors and the psychology of buying and selling.


Creativity & Design

Licenciado Graphic Design, Escola Massana de Barcelona

Awards: Laus ’96, Laus ’98, LiderPack ’08, Pentawards ’08, New Product Design ’11.

I consider myself a multidisciplinary and highly creative graphic designer, with extensive experience in the different aspects of visual design. Thanks to the three dimensions of any container, developing packaging has allowed me to express all my skills as a designer and apply graphic design in all its magnitude.

I feel comfortable developing projects that require an innovative and different result than what is established. Design by design does not work for me. A good design has to be “producible” within the allocated budget, it has to comply with the established premises, it must communicate and excite, and it must add value to the product.

Even if you have very good ideas, the excellent result is only achieved if you work as a team. Each day begins with a new challenge to overcome. From 1991 to the present I have led my own graphic design agency, working for multinational companies.

“Design for the sake of design does not work for me. A good design has to be “producible” within the allocated budget, it has to comply with the established premises, it must communicate and excite, and it must add value to the brand “”


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