We are an agency that advises national and international companies especially its Marketing departments in the development of its business strategy, branding, design and technology. In recent years we have observed how the responsibility in the different Marketing positions (product manager, brand manager and directors) has been extended due to the digital transformation. In Nexa we wanted to respond to this paradigm in a context that links marketing, design and technology.


  • Market Analysis
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Brand Creation
  • Corporate Identity
  • Sponsoring

  • Virtual Design
  • Web Design
  • Advertising
  • Brand Design
  • Packaging, Print & POS

  • Web Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • E-Commerce
  • Embedded Software
  • Integration ERP, CRM, PIM

  • AdWords & Facebook
  • Optimization SEO & CRO
  • Marketing Automation
  • Community Management
  • Web Analytics


We look for ways to promote brands, low-cost, recognized brand or a “follower” brand since even white label brands are evolving in such a way that the consumer no longer only buys them by price. There are 2 types of brands. The one that follows the consumer to convince him to buy his product. And then there is one that you as a consumer thinks contributes something positive and that’s why you follow it on social networks or sign up for its newsletter. The latter was previously reserved for recognized brands but today it is possible that a brand that competes for price also has recognition by consumers in other factors such as environmental protection.


Thanks to technology, it allows us to take advantage of the full potential of our branding, design and advertising capabilities by reaching a personalized “one to one” dialogue. We manage to protect the brand better against direct competition but also against the new indirect “players”. We continually see how technological companies disrupt and break into traditional markets, displacing solid brands that have not yet begun their digital transformation process. Our mission is that the brands we advise have a strong presence both on the shelves of physical stores and ecommerce platforms.


Regardless of whether the objectives are customer acquisition, customer satisfaction or loyalty, it is necessary to know your customer. We use Business Intelligence and web analytics tools to analyze the behavior and know the user better to give a more personalized response. These same data also help us to optimize advertising campaigns, remarketing, mailings and communications in social networks.

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